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    The Destruction of Black Civilization and The Origin of African Civilization by Chancellor Williams were challenged at the Prince George County high school libraries in 1993 because the two volumes were said to promote “racism against white people.”  In a complaint filed with the state, the works were called “racist pornography” written “to provoke emotions and actions of racial prejudice, bias, hatred, and hostility towards citizens and students in Maryland.” 

    But ask yourself, what ideas are contained in this text that protesters really did not want the students exposed to?  Hmmm…

    Read a banned book today!

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  2. Black families be like…


  3. This means everything.


  4. Anonymous asked: that's how native Israelis look?



  5. nkenge asked: peace peace - does this DARVIN ASAFO cat you quoted have a tumblr? i'm trynna follow

    Thanks for your interest King.
    DARVIN ASAFO does not have a tumblr. His contributions can only be found through Tha Noble Savage. For now.
    Beginning in May you will see an influx of his writings.

    Stay tuned.


  6. xlittlemiss-sunshinex asked: Trip to outer space or bottom of the ocean?

    Both are equally mysterious.

    Bottom of the see floors.


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    "You are young, gifted, and Black. We must begin to tell our young, there’s a world waiting for you, yours is the quest that’s just begun." - James Weldon Johnson

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    E-40 attacking Eurocentrism.

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  9. Happy Ishtar


  10. Be the change you want to see in the world.